Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Top Ten To DO's

... for Monday...

1. Call to get Morgan (our labradoodle) an appointment for... *ahem* ... a... neutering... and grooming.

2. Totally work on making this beautiful tent for Jaiden... except in purple.

3. Stalk this blog some more because I am obsessed with this woman's style; she has single handedly renewed my faith in humanity and the importance of craftivity. (I also stole the idea of the tent from her... sshhhh.)

4. Do some craiglist shopping for Jaiden's room... I have several items I'm calling about first thing this morning.... a white dresser and an awesome *purple* chair!

5. Lunch date with my friend Calvin to try out his Wii fit to see if I want to spend the money on it or not. He promised to only laugh a little... I'm not sure what that means.

6. Wait patiently for the hand surgeon to call about Jack's appointment.

7. Finish this book because I love it so much!

8. Work on our 2 year post placement reports for Josh and Jameson. Wow. 2 years home soon!

9. Run. So... I'm trying to run longer distances without stopping to walk at a very slow pace, alternating with running short distances faster with more frequent periods of walking.

10. Do my taxes... keeping my fingers crossed on this one. I could use a little refund!

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Larsons said...

Great job. What a wonderful day. The sun is making me feel better. Each day brings something old and new. mom