Monday, January 11, 2010

Too much?

This afternoon we arrived 30 minutes before drama/art/music classes were to begin... I urged the children to go ahead and go in.

"What's wrong with being on time for once?" They just stared at me; their hands clutching the door handles. I could see they were mentally calculating the number of cars in the parking lot. "Really. This just makes up for us being late all those other times... I swear."

My tires spun out and snow flew in a fury behind me as I left them standing by the building.

Ok. I'm just joking about that part. I made sure they were inside before I left the parking like driving like Dale Earnhardt Jr., jumping mounds of snow and blaring the radio as loud as I could.

My first Monday afternoon without them or something to do in ages. Don't get me wrong. I have plenty to do. I am cleaning and doing laundry and moving my treadmill. But I don't HAVE to do any of those things. I could go to bed for all anyone cares. I'm not. But it's almost as good just knowing that I could if I wanted to.

Would anyone like to know how the first morning of school went... after a month long break?
It was a lot like this:

Math with Jameson:

"Which way is across?"
"No. Which way is across?"
"OK then. Which way is up?"
"No. The other up."
"Where would 4 across and 2 up be?"

Story Problems with Josh:

"The seventh grade boys at Colonial Christian school removed 1/3 of the 558 chairs in the auditorium. How many chairs did they remove from the auditorium?"

His Answer:
1/3 Duh

Questions I answered:

"Mom, how many snowballs would it take if we threw them at the car, for the car to be clean?"

"I don't know honey."

"Well can we try it when we get home?"


Things I said which I can't believe I said:

"Get off the floor, sit down, and don't let me see you hit your brother in the n*ts again or I'm gonna..."

"Get the dog off your head and do your math. I don't care if he likes it up there or not."

Perhaps a month off was too much... but oh how we enjoyed it.


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Denise said...

Oh Gina,
I will always read you!! You have been the source of many laughs on days I didn't think I could think anything was funny. Thank you... BTW... loved the "dog on the head". Sadly, sounds alot like something said around here on a regular basis...