Monday, February 01, 2010

Yet another installment of the adventures of Queen Bee

After all my lamenting about the lack luster "blizzard" of 2010, it turns out we actually did get quite a little snow storm over the weekend.

I love weather. I love the 4 seasons. I have this innate sense of excitement and anticipation when something big is going on in the weather. I can't explain it . I just do.

As I worked Friday night, I watched the snow continue to fall ... ALL NIGHT LONG. I clapped my hands in excitement every time I moved past a window and could still see the flakes blowing under the lights of the parking lot.

I slowly drove home (very slowly) Saturday morning with the great gift of being able to see the yards smooth and untainted ... without the gazillion footprints our yard has today.

Because we live in Missouri, there is no telling how long this snow is going to last. It could be 70 degrees tomorrow... seriously. It changes that fast. I got up this morning after working last night and hustled the kids around to go sledding.

I've got some great pictures to share, and if you read all the way through, I've got quite a story about my own sledding adventure that will make you chuckle, snort, and possibly shake your head in disbelief.

Alright, you've made it through the photo essay, now I will reward you with a story...

Always wanting to be that mom who plays and does stuff with the kids, I thought, "Oh what the heck! I might as well go with them." Josh and I got in the double sled. I was in the front. He was in the back.

We started down the hill and quickly began to gain momentum. Gazing downhill, we see Justine, standing directly in our path. We start yelling, "Justine.... move." She just stands there. Seriously. Like a deer in head lights. Stands there. We are now moving about 600 mph directly towards her.

As we get closer to her, she squats down and covers her head with her hands. Suddenly the sled hits a bump, Josh goes flying one way, I fly over Justine as the sled begins to turn end over end. I completely fly through the air and come to an abrupt stop with a beautiful face plant right in a huge mud puddle.

I could not make this up. I swear. It was like something out of a movie. An action movie. A poorly acted action movie. With a lot of mud.

Why does trouble seem to follow me everywhere I go?
I was covered in mud, from the top of my head, my face, my entire left side, my entire lower body.... caked with slimy, cold, nasty mud. I'm pretty sure I left some of my own DNA in that mud puddle... if you know what I mean.

I had to take my sweatshirt off and wash my hands with the snow. At one point, a random stranger came up to me to tell me I had mud on my neck. NO KIDDING. I also have mud in my ears, my hair, my mouth, my bra, my socks... Thanks.

So there you go. An ice pack to the hematoma on my shoulder and a couple of Ibuprofen later, I finally got the mud out of my hair. I think.
Enjoy a laugh on me...
It's not easy being the Queen Bee.
But it sure is a lot of fun.



♥~Gina~♥ said...


I hope you're better today. Only you, right?

Larsons said...

Sound like you are ready for the Omplica's. The spirit of GLADNESS. just follows you. Hope you are not too sore today. love mom The pictures are GREAT!

Laurel said...

Totally laughing out loud at that one!!!

We are WISHING for some white stuff this winter. I can't remember a winter where we did NOT get any snow. We just had the WARMEST January on record ... over here in Western Washington. Totally weird!

mama of 13