Saturday, January 30, 2010

Library Fines...

Remember how I told you my public library has a love-hate relationship with me?

Well today... they love me.

Well actually, the Ozarks Food Harvest should love me. Our library had a special this week where you could actually pay off your library fines by donating canned items to the Ozarks Food Harvest!


Of course we had to do it on the day of a blizzard.

Cause that's how we roll.



Nichole said...

What kind if fines did you have?? That's a lot of food, LOL!

Melissa said...

LOL! I took in 20 cans. We got peaches from Big Lots for 20 cents a can. Woo Hoo - we got a break and we got to help out at the same time. :-)

Larsons said...

Great!!!!!!!!! You never cease to amaze me......... Your brother is here. mom

MommyBrec said...

I am LOVING this! I had such high fines at our library that I paid them off and now refuse to check out books there...can't afford it because I am always a day or two late getting books returned! I wish they would have done something like this! I would much rather have donated food or done SOMETHING to help others than just fork out the money.


♥~Gina~♥ said...

I was going to ask you exactly what Nichole did. That's a lot of cans!!