Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Text Message Tuesday

Message: "I just heard a kid say "glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts. it stays with you for life."

*I clarified with the texter that this was a high school age kid and not one of our elementary age kids...

Message: "Yep. Taking Josh to get his braces tightened. Worked last night. Slept for an hour. Kinda want to die."

Reply: "I bet you do..."

Reply: "Not enough coffee in Ethiopia to wake u up."


Message: "I'm reading a book about frank lloyd wright and I love his designs. I wanna it."

Reply: "Ah u and Brad Pitt have so much in common."

Message: "Haha. I love him too. But I really love this book. She leaves her kids and husband to have a torrid love affair with frank lloyd wright."

Message: "But I accidentally googled that she and her children were murdered by an insane servant at the end of the book in 1914... I'm my own spoiler."

Reply: "I hate it when I accidentally google stuff."

Reply: "That's why I don't have servants. U just can't be too careful..."


Message: "My patient is a cross between edward munch's The Scream and the cryptkeeper... Google that."

Reply: "I'm pretty sure I don't want to. Have fun with that. Whatever THAT is."

*In case you're wondering, it looks a lot like this...



Message: "My cousin lives in ft worth and I asked her to run with us in the Big D."

Reply: "Sure. Wait. Is she really skinny and fast? Cuz then no..."

Message: "Well she's skinny but she has asthma."

Reply: " Good. Well not for her but for us.... She's in. Tell her to send a picture before we make it official."


Message: "There's a fifth grader here with a full moustache."

Reply: "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Take a picture."

Message: "It's my volunteer day at Co Op. I've only slept for an hour. It's gonna be interesting."


Message: "Justine is so weird. So very weird. She told her entire class at co op that she was a vampire and begged me not to tell them to truth."

Reply: "Hahahaha. Such a Bella complex."

Message: "She is so strange. I know she's destined for great things but all I can do is shake my head at her."

Message: "I'm at walmart with jus. She's dressed like she's blind and homeless . Purple striped tights. Mini skirt. Green sleeveless shirt. Black and white musical notes jacket."

Message: "Did I tell you I tried to put a red stripe in her hair with kool aid and turned her hair pink?"

Reply: "I'm sharing these texts with the neighbors. They think ya'll should have your own show. But then again that could result in removal of some children from your home..."


Message: "I just ate a bacon, cheddar and fried egg burger. We're about to see The White Ribbon. I'm scared."

*Straight from the streets of Chicago...


Denise said...

I live for your text message tuesdays!!!! Thank you.

Renee said...

Oh, I am SO with ya on the glitter! GAH! Hate that stuff!

And what is with homeschoolers and facial hair? Lydia had a kid in her swim class with a full beard, no lie!

Rebecca said...

Your TMT posts CRACK ME UP!