Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Text Message Tuesday

Message: "We've all decided that the monkey on "Cloudy with a chance of meatballs" reminds of all us Cooper..."

Reply: "Hahahahaha. He does!"


Message: "I had a dream that I turned Jack and Jaiden into crocodiles... caymans actually I think. They were laying next to me in my dream and I was afraid to turn over cause I thought they would eat me. When I woke up and realized they weren't there, I was so glad because I could turn over..."

Reply: "I hate dreams like that. One night I slept with my hand over my nose because I had a dream robbers were in my house stealing noses. So weird."


Message: ""Hook 'em horns..."

Reply: "Hook 'em"

Message: "This is not going well..."

Reply: "I feel like punching someone."

Message: "Me too... Erin's here. Maybe I'll punch her? She's a Sooners fan."

Reply: "TEXAS FIGHT!!!"

Message: "I'm going to bed. This is pathetic."


Message: "Jo got her wallet stolen today. They've charged $600 in the hour and a half it took for her to realize it was missing..."

Reply: "Was it one of the little kids she's tutoring?"

Message: "Ha. No. Very busy group of thugs though..."

Message: "My yum yum bowl just became a yuck yuck bowl..."

Reply: "How so? or do I want to know?"

Message: "you do not want to know."

Reply: "I see... I think I know now."


Message: "I just bought 5 coats for $82..."

Reply: "Well that sounds productive and kind of fun."

Message: "My two favorite things... being productive and fun..."


Message: "Can I make reservations at the Marion Center..."

Reply: "No I think they're on a first come nervous breakdown, first serve basis... But I know how to get you in real quick though..."



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