Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ellerbee Archives

And deep from the Ellerbee archives...
we bring you the year 2001.

When I look at this picture, memories of the ghetto house on Fort street come flooding back. Jack and Jaiden were about 3 and 1 and a half here.

The ghetto house was your typical 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage ranch style. It just happened to be on a very busy road with frequent squeeling of tires and the occasional gunshot.

The laundry room at the ghetto house was actually a crappy closet right by the back door. The yard at the ghetto house was actually pretty nice and Jack and Jaiden loved to place outside in their play house. I would stand at the closet and work on laundry while keeping my eye on them, running in and out to get some work done.

On a day I don't even remember the date of, Jack came running to the back door, pounding on the door, crying and screaming. I naturally assumed Jaiden had taken something away from him because truly she may look sweet, but she was the alpha child of that duo.

I quickly ran out to see what was the matter, just in time to see two little barefeet sticking straight up out of the sunken window well on the back of the ghetto house.

Jaiden was upside down, with her head under the water from that day's rain, stuck in the window well. Jack was grabbing at her little legs in a desperate attempt to get her out of the hole.

Without even thinking, I grabbed her legs and swung her out of the hole and onto the ground. All three of us laid on the ground, just sobbing and holding each other.

She was covered in leaves and dirt. Grass speckled her tiny brown waterfall of a ponytail. Her little onesie was wet and dirty. She was such a prissy little one and a half year old. Her little life was nearly snuffed out and her only response?

"I got gawraaaaass in my haaiirrr..."


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