Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Text Message Tuesday

Message: "Today (child who will remain anonymous) forgot the name of the letter "H."

Message: "Are you going back to your AA class this week... you know... for the friendships?"

Reply: "Probably. I hate being a quitter... And quitting AA would be the ultimate quitter..."


Message: "Do you think anyone reads our running blog?"

Reply: "IDK... I don't even think anyone reads my usual blog..."


Message: "I am not 100% sure I like this new sports bra..."

Reply: "Haven't found one yet that completely straps in my jugs. And running with floppy boobs is the worst."

Message: "I AM RUNNING."

Reply: "I know! That's why I said that. Sorry that I insinuated your boobs are floppy but you know what I mean."

Message: "I like my bra now. I ran and didn't get a black eye."

Message: "Have you noticed I read a lot about eating and living better from the comfort of my bed? I'm a loser."

Reply: "2.5 miles baby."


Message: "I wore my sports bra to work..."

Reply: "Planning on doing some laps?"

Message: "Running the stairs later... all 9 floors."

Reply: "Congrats to the patients you take care of after your workout."

Message: "I wore lots of deodorant. And if I should die... hey I'm in already in a hospital right?"

Reply: "You're crazy."

Message: "Bipolar most likely..."

Reply: "You'll run the stairs and they'll have to wheel you to the psych ward strapped to a stretcher. I can just imagine you looking around with that dazed Britney Spears look."

Message: "Singing Oops I did it again?"


Message: "(child who will remain anonymous) just asked me if the world really was flat..."


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Shonya said...

Just want you to know your Text Message Tuesdays are one of my favorite parts of the day! :)