Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What I don't wanna be...

A train wreck.

I have to admit I have a few blogs that I continue to read even though I always promise I'm not going to read anymore because quite frankly, their lives are a freaking train wreck.

But for some socially inappropriate reason, I cannot look away.

I told you I was a self-admitted ambulance chaser.

You never know what is going to happen to these people next. It's like one bad decision after another compounded with a little bad luck, compounded with a few more head-scratching decisions.

Don't worry. It's none of you. I promise.

My point is, I do not want to be your train wreck.

I do not want my blog to turn into that drama. I don't want it to turn into my griping about my kids, my husband, my finances, my job, my family...

I just want to document our lives, maybe take a few good pictures now and then, make a few people laugh from time to time, and tell a good story once in awhile.

I have my battles. I have my drama. And occasionally you just get lucky enough to witness it.
There are lows, and there are highs to living in Ellerbeeville. I know. It seems like all glamour all the time, doesn't it?

I invite you to get to know me; to share in my drama.
I invite you to laugh with me and to cry with me; to pray with me and share with me.

Today I ask your prayers as Jameson begins her Interactive Metronome Therapy. I have been in prayer all weekend over this. I ask that we cover her in prayer. Cover her tutor Angelique in prayer.

I know last week my frustration got the best of me. Boy did it. I'm sure some of you thought I was a train wreck... Glad I could be of service to you ambulance chasing few.

I don't even think I realized how much my frustration with her had been building, building, building. I'm so worried about her future if she can't get out of 2nd grade. I just want the best for her and all the rest of the Bee's.

Thank you for the kind words and the encouragement.

Please shout out a prayer today for Jameson (Honey Bee).

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Julia said...

You do what you set out to do: take some good pics, document your family's life, and make us laugh. I never think your life is a train wreck!! But I know what you mean--I think mine is and that's why I stopped blogging for awhile there. I couldn't do anything but bitch and whine! Ugh. No fun. I'm slowly returning :-) I'll find my sense of humor soon...it's hiding around here somewhere... ;-) Choo choo!