Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well we may be sleeping in the Bole International Airport if I can't find some %^&* accomodations soon. Helen at New Flower guesthouse "thought" she would have rooms and was going to get back to me on Tuesday. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Have not heard anything despite two more emails to her. So today I thought I will just book the Hilton, screw the guesthouse, everyone having their own bed thing. Guess what? The Hilton filled up sometime between yesterday and today. So our options are the Sheraton at $360 per night or God knows what. You can't just get on the hotel websites (other than the Hilton and the Sheraton) and find out any information about room availability or anything else for that matter. So I have emails out to the TDS guesthouse, the Siadmora guesthouse, the Yoly hotel, (holy moly that sounds fun), the Queen of Sheba Hotel (this is my personal pick) and numerous other hotels. Of course it's like the middle of the night there, so I OBVIOUSLY haven't heard a thing, and I've been at this practically all day. So I have been drowning my sorrows in some graham crackers smothered in whipped white cream frosting, and crying all ?#$% day. I so wanted to stay somewhere nice where we wouldn't be sleeping on the floor. At this point, I would take just about anything. Even the Sheraton.....?

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