Thursday, January 10, 2008

Grey's Anatomy

So is anyone else really excited about Grey's Anatomy tonight? Well don't get too excited, this is the last new episode due to the writer's strike. I almost don't even want to watch. I know it will just wet my appetite. It's like a Grey's Anatomy teaser... not fair. So from stalking their website for sneek peeks, it looks like Miranda Bailey's STUPID husband does something STUPID again and her baby is hurt... and of course having surgery. It's a good thing there's a lot of staff at Seattle Grace, they wouldn't have enough patients otherwise. To add insult to injury, there will be no more episodes of Private Practice... This has so deeply affected my life, that I admit I had to look into it. The major malfunction here is that the writers aren't getting enough residuals ($) paid when their programs are rerun, put on DVD, internet, ipod etc. So the people who are making millions of dollars (the networks) won't settle with the writers. The interesting fact here is that the majority of the writers guild members make about $62,000 a year! The writer's guild members also want reality shows to be brought under their umbrella which would be quite profitable for them. From what I read, neither side is willing to budge. I suggest we all start reading, listening to music, exercising, playing games with our kids and forget all about Meredith, Bailey, McDreamy. McSteamy, George, Izzy, Alex and Christina. If you're obcessed with Grey's Anatomy, find out which Grey's Anatomy character you'd be by taking this quiz. By the way, I was Meredith. Leave me a comment to let me know who you were... Patrick is that you?

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Jenny said...

So I took the quiz and I'm George. Does this mean I will cheat on my husband, lie to my family and be gay in my other life ?