Monday, January 28, 2008

Drop Shots Picture Sharing

I have finally figured out the drop shots picture sharing website. YEAH! Crystal, Tim and Julie used this when they were in Ethiopia, and it worked really well. Blogspot doesn't work there for some reason, and the Drop Shots is a lot faster than sending out emails, so that's what we're doing. Drop Shots also allows you to leave messages, so we will get to hear what you think about our beautiful kids before we even get back! To leave a comment, click on the picture and scroll DOWN to the comment section. (That's the part I was missing, didn't see the stuff at the bottom 'cause I didn't scroll down.) The sight is We won't probably post pics until maybe late Tuesday because we get to Ethiopia late on Monday night, and we pick up the kids on Tuesday, but that's actually Monday here... I don't know. Just check frequently and feverishly for new pics, and I will be sure to come through for you!

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