Thursday, January 17, 2008

Down with zoomshare

As you may or may not have noticed, our adopt ethiopia site at zoomshare has been virtually unaccessible for 2 days. I will be blogging adoption news here, and although I enjoyed my zoomshare site as a virgin blogger, I will be glad to only have a blogspot in a few weeks!

So the only news today is.............
Guess what?
No news!

Julie did call me today and told me that a couple they met in Ethiopia, who were also adopting from Faithe Children's Home, called her the other day. They evidently were quite in love with Filemon and Merkeb (who has met them who hasn't fallen head over heels is what I want to know), anyway they made a video of their trip and of the kids at the orphanage. Julie said they Filemon and Merkeb are in a lot of the pictures. (Filemon more than Merkeb) She said that the McCoy's are sending us a copy of the video, and it should be here anyday. I would love to see more pictures, but the thought of possibly getting to hear their voices and see them in action gives me goosebumps! I will certainly let you all know when the video arrives!

Until further notice, I am boycotting zoomshare. Check back here for your adoption fix. And when we find out in a few days when we get to travel, it will most likely be posted here first!

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Ben said...

I wondered what had been going on with the other blog. I had narrowed it down to two things....either my computer was messing up or the government didn't want me to read the blog. I wasn't quite sure what had happened.