Friday, January 18, 2008

Ready, ready, ready to go!

I thought you might want an inside view of what I'm packing for our trip to Africa to pick up the kids. I have made an excel spreadsheet with detailed items to pack. The kids' stuff is completely ready to go into a suitcase. The orphanage donations are almost completely ready. I am still working on our bags and our carry on stuff. I am hoping to get information today about when we can travel! Keep praying that we will not have to go through another weekend without knowing specific information. I don't know how much longer we can wait!

Merkeb and Filemon's backpacks are ready to go! They both have books, games, crayons, color books, journals with pens, and travel blankets.

I bought this "fanny" pack for my cameras. I thought the little camera would fit perfect in the pocket on the left and the video camera on the right. It also has a zipper on the back for money, credit cards etc. Jeff made fun of me, and said "I can't believe you're going to wear that." I told him, "I'm not wearing it, you are." Ha

1 of 2 eighteen gallon rubbermaid containers with donations for the many different orphanages we will be visiting. We have frisbees, soccer balls, jump ropes, bubbles, diapers, dolls, shoes, clothes for grandma, medicines, and many, many other things!

Filemon's stuff is ready to be packed.

Merkeb's stuff is ready to be packed!

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