Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My daughter, the sailor

We are so proud of our kids... most days. Most days, our children are at the top of their classes, the most polite, well behaved children. Most days, our children are wonderful, loving children.

Today, not so much!

At the soccer game, Jeff was tickling Justine. We're laughing. We're having a good time.

Then Justine says (really loudly) "Stop it, you $#%^&@." Loud enough that our Sunday school teacher sitting directly behind us probably heard. Loud enough that the people sitting next to us gasped for air as if she had hit them directly in the stomach.

She denies it. Wouldn't you? We put soap in her mouth. We grounded her. When she came home, she put herself in time out. When we questioned her about it, she swears she said "you sucker." She blames Hannah Montana for her sailor mouth. I knew that girl was bad news.

So now, I'm wondering what it was that she actually said... did we just punish her for saying something she did hear on Hannah Montana? Well, we may never know for sure, but we do know that she'll never say anything that remotely sounds like $#%^&@.

What the $%^& kind of parents are we anyway?

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:)De said...

"What the $%^& kind of parents are we anyway?" LOL!!!