Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Our last meal

We would like to invite friends and family to join us for our "last" meal in the states. We are meeting Saturday night at the Golden Corral on Glenstone and Primrose at 5:30 pm. If we all meet together in the lobby, we have a greater chance of getting to sit together. I called to reserve us some space, but they don't reserve the big rooms in the back on Saturday and Sunday nights. We thought it would be fun to have a little going away bash, and would give us a chance to really stock up before we leave (like we need that!) As Jordan once told Jeff when she was about 7, "It says all you can eat, not you eat all." We hope you can come help us celebrate our departure! YEAH!


Ben and Mindy said...

We will be out of town starting Thursday, however, know that we love you guys and will be praying. See you soon.

Incredible Mr. E said...

I do not eat like that all the time! just when i am awake,nervous,or with people in general.

Julia & Brad said...

I want to be there!!!!