Friday, January 11, 2008

Rooster Magnet

Today Justine informed me that she has to dress "the cutest" because the "boys" expect her to. I'm not sure what boys she's referring to, but I would like to find them and tell them that 5 year olds don't wear lace cami's, daisy dukes and high heels because she obviously isn't listening. I have fond memories of Jaiden's imaginary friends Sheila and Cheila from South Africa, with whom she had hours of fun and play. Justine's imaginary friend is "Tyler" who she spends her afternoons pretending to kiss. Does this scare anyone else? Today on the way home, Jack informed her she was going to be a "rooster magnet." I'm guessing he meant the gender opposite of "chick magnet." All I could think of was I hope he didn't mean "cock magnet..."

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