Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Wrong yet so right

Like so many things in my life that at first glance may seem wrong... but are actually really, really right... sisterly love reared its' beautiful head this afternoon at Justine's soccer practice.
Justine came running over to us with a big fat bloody lip and of course lots of tears!
Jameson immediately said, "Who do dat to my sister? I K-I-L-L her."
So wrong... yet so right... I can't stop laughing. If you could hear the accent... and the emphasis on the word do... the slow methodical seething anger making the word kill two syllables... it was just perfect.
Lesson learned... don't mess with Jameson's sisters.


Julia & Brad said...

LOL, I can just imagine it! Go Jameson!!!

Linda said...

What family is all about!! It's coming together slowly but surely. Linda

Melissa said...


Rebecca said...

Oh snap! Now you let my little angel get a bloody lip? I'm tsk-ing again!! HaHa! You go Jameson...you need any help, call me!

Jenny H said...

That is awesome! I can just hear her saying that. Thanks for sharing. Love you all. :)