Wednesday, September 24, 2008

It's what I do...

Some people eat; some people shop; I cut my hair.
When I look back in life at some of the more stressful times in my life, ie: having 1 child and being in nursing school, to having 4 kids (3 of them ages 4 and under), and finishing college while having the above said 4 kids, I realize that I have had short hair.
Now, I'm not saying that having short hair causes stress... but rather when I get stressed, I cut my hair. I have gradually cut my middle of the back long hair into a chin length bob over the last few months.
So if my stress level is directly related to the length of my hair, at this rate, I should be bald by Christmas.


Family of Six: Going To Ethiopia said...

I DO THE SAME THING!!!! This summer when we did not pass court I got all of my hair cut off and felt so much better. I am glad to not be alone on this one! :) Crystal

Jeanie said...

You are so brave to cut and color!! I read once that anytime a woman goes through stress, the first thing she will do is cut or color her hair...divorce, death, marriage...whatever big stress there is. You... dahling, you looook mah-vell-ous!

ellerbee eight said...

Well we have yet another Ellerbee family motto (I almost named my blog this) Go big or go home.