Monday, September 22, 2008

Josh and "THE GAME"

We have been encouraging, asking, bribing, begging Josh to talk to his new team mates on the soccer team and make some friends. I know that is what he desperately wants. So when I texted Jeff tonight at practice to ask how things were going, here's the text I got back... "Well they included him in the 'smack each other in the nuts with the ball' game." I think he has friends. Oh to be an eleven year old boy!


Carole said...

It takes a lot to make me stop and literally laugh at the computer these days . . . and this did it! My kids are running to me wondering if I'm nuts. How absolutely fantastic - this is what I get to look forward to? Thank you for sharing.

Rebecca said...

Boys are SO weird....wait...make that MALES are SO weird! :) Glad he's, uh, taking one for (from, in this case) the team!

Jenny H said...

Boys have such a weird way of showing acceptance. GO JOSH !!!!!!