Monday, September 15, 2008

Vocab lessons

As you may know, homeschooling is going great. The kids are learning. They are getting more and more motivated and are really a lot of fun.
Vocab lessons are my favorite...
The usual sequence is the kids must read the word, use the word in a sentence and also spell it. Some of them they know; some of them they have absolutely no idea. (I love it that they always make an effort.)
I will share with you some of today's gems.

Josh, "I like to sprain in my room."
Jameson, "I like to eat a sob sandwich."


Peculiar Smith Family said...

I'm laughing! So many of your posts make me chuckle!

SisterMom said...

Jackson was doing his reading homework tonight--he was "reading' me a story. It should have said Go with Miss Black. Miss Best just got the flu.
He "read" it to be--Dear class, please go with her the other teacher is very sick. Hmmmmm, some bad memorization maybe?