Sunday, February 08, 2009

To think...

... I was worried Josh and Jameson couldn't use their imaginations...

Today all the kids were playing "kitchen" with the little kitchen. They were taking orders, making dinners, cooking, and paying for their food.... you know typical play kitchen stuff.

In comes Josh.
With a gun.
He held up the kitchen, stole the money, took some food, and shot Jack.

Let's hope it's not a career choice.
But it is great that in a year they have totally and completely learned how to use their imaginations.


MissMeliss said...

Oh my... imagination is good... but sticking up the little kitchen... yikes.

Oi. ha

Hopefully next time he'll pretend to be the emergency room doctor!! :)


The Peculiar Smiths said...

Once again...ROFL!

Laurel said...

Too funny!

When our kids came home last spring, they too had no idea how to "play" ... how to use their imaginations. But, they're learning.

:) :) :)