Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Finally Free in February

Mom = 2
TV = 0

Well, if I can make it through today without the TV, I believe I can do anything. I can climb any mountain. I am woman, hear me roar. I worked all night last night and on those days, the kids usually will watch an hour of two of "educational" TV so that I can take a brief nap. Jeff told me it would be OK if I did. I knew in my heart that it absolutely would not be OK. Not with Josh and Jameson. They are the kids home today, and they are the ones who obsess over TV and believe the sun rises and sets on a big screen. They are the ones I have to impress with my iron will and sturdy resolve. Nope. I wasn't even tempted... OK maybe just a little bit, like from 7am to 9am, but we pushed on through and now I'm wide awake and busting through school work like a mad woman. (probably a symptom of too much coffee)

Yesterday was such a blessing to us. And it was all because TV wasn't an option. It didn't even come up. I read Justine to sleep. We played Life and Jordan took over the world in a game of Risk with Jack and I. We listened to the radio with dinner. We danced. We sang. We laughed through dinner. If I could get away with it, I would totally get rid of all the TV's except the big screen downstairs which we use to watch movies together as a family. And that would be the occasional, not the usual. I only hope that when this month is over, we will continue in our "take it or leave it attitude." I hope we continue to play games and enjoy each other... because if we fall right back into that same pattern, I know a family who is going to have an awesome garage sale with a lot of TV's. I'll let you know when and where.

So if you've ever had to jump up and down in front of your TV all Tom Cruise style just to get your kids to look at you... or if you've seen your children actually lose IQ points during episodes of iCarly, I challenge you to an entire month without TV. Make it a game. Make it a challenge. Make it a time to build family relationships and cohesive bonds together.

Stop the addiction and be Finally Free of TV!


Laurel said...


People often ask how/why our kids are so close to each other. Well ... we turned off our t.v. (except for the occasional video) 19 years ago. And, we've NEVER regretted it!

This weekend, a friend is giving us their old Big Screen for our movie watching. Fun!!!

Way to Stay Strong ... Push Through ... Persevere ... and teach your children that there is more to life than television.

mama of 13

Chris said...

Wow ! I wish that I had the guts to do this. I am too lasy I guess and don't want to deal with the crying :(
When we lost power last year ( not this year because in our ice storm this year the generator was working th etv :( ) Nice huh . Well last year we were playing games and talking for days and it was great .
Maybe soon I will take TV and laptops away and see how it goes.
You are a good mom Gina.
Hugs .

Kristine said...

I love the bumper sticker that says: KILL YOUR TELEVISION

Family of Six: Going To Ethiopia said...

We don't have a TV (other than for movies) because we can't bring ourselves to shell the $$$ out for cable. While I feel out of the loop sometimes, I really do appreciate all the extra time we spend together. The kids do have PSP's though (homework completion reward!!). Crystal

Lisa said...

I'm not sure I am as entertaining and creative as you! Z might just fight for the remote one day!