Monday, February 09, 2009

Not Me! Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

I most certainly did not attempt to stop the leaking of a broken water baby with a bandaid. And it most certainly did not make a certain 6 year old stop crying.

I did not find my cat on the top of my open garage door.
And I did not even think about hitting the button just to see what would happen. That's just cruel and it would NEVER happen at my house. I also did not make fun of Jordan for being too afraid to lift the big fellow. Therefore, I did not climb up there myself.
I did not spend many mind numbing hours stategizing and attempting to take over the world while playing Risk with my children. And I did not laugh hysterically to myself like a 5 year old when my soldiers just happened to end up looking like they were carrying one of my dead men. And my children did not beat me at this stinking game every time we played.
I did not laugh at my son and ask if he had made a dunce cap at school. And he did not indignantly tell me as if I were an idiot that it was a French Revolution hat.

My husband and kids did not make this ultra cool ice house out of the broken ice from the driveway.
They did not wake me up after working all night to tell me they were doing it, and they most certainly did not wake me up thirty minutes later to show me this cute picture!
I did not allow my daughter to go out in public... all day... dressed like this.
And I did not giggle continuously, thinking she looked a lot like this....
I did not sneak Madagascar 2 into my cart at WalMart because it was on sale even though my kids are banned from television watching for a month.
And the check out lady obviously did not observe my eye winking and stealth-like movements to indicate that the 5 children with me did not know about the movie when she held it up for all to see and said, "You lucky kids. I LOVE this movie." (Imagine this with a very loud, kinda hickish twang)

My kids did not look at me anticipating an end to their month long television hiatus and then look at the check out lady realizing the cruelty of the moment and say, "Yeah, lucky... right."
I also did not tell her thank you for ruining a surprise for my kids.


Denise said...

Oh Gina, I just love your mondays!!! Sometimes they mirror mine just a bit too closely. But I always look forward to the giggles I get from you and your family!

JenReg said...

Oh, these are funny! What a cool "ice house" the kids built. I love your Risk sound like me - cracking yourself up all the time!

Please check out my Not Me Monday:

Laurel said...

Great pics to go along with the "Not me Monday".

Game playing ... that's what we do around here instead of watching t.v. Good job!