Monday, February 16, 2009

Freaky Facebook Fascination

I recently discovered the phenomena known as facebook. For those of you who were born before 1960 or perhaps have been in a coma for the past several years, facebook is an online networking system where you can make friends, find friends, and share information.

I have heard my daughter talk about her facebook for years now, but assumed it was a high school thing only. I received an invitation recently to view someone else's facebook, therefore... I had to set up my own. I had to... really!

The day after I set up my facebook, I saw a friend from work who had seen my facebook page. She excitedly told me, "I love facebook! I have 87 friends." I unwittingly laughed and thought, "Wow, 87... really?"
I subconsciously now keep track of my number too.

I think the fascination with facebook and internet friendships in general is so unique to our generation. I guess time will tell whether our reliance on technology related relationships is a good thing or bad.
Does it prevent true friendships? Or does it release those face to face inhibitions to allow friendships to grow in a safe way? Has facebook made me a lazy friend or a better friend?

I was a lazy friend before. I didn't take time for friendships. I didn't take time to keep connected with others. Technology in general has made it a lot easier to get to"know" people through text messaging, internet facebook pages and blog posts. It's easier to say what you think and feel without that face to face interaction.

Here's an example of my facebook entries from this morning:

Gina is now dealing with two sick kids... what are the odds that they will all be sick by Wednesday? 7:28am

Gina is well another one bites the dust... now three kids are sick... 7:52am

Gina is now the kids are throwing up... could this day get any worse? 8:17am

I have hooked up with old friends from over 20 years ago through facebook. I have made new friends. I've been made fun of for being an "old person" on facebook. My own daughter has refused to "accept my request for friendship." But I don't care. I love my facebook, and I am learning to be a better friend because of it.



Nikko and Matt said...

Wow, now I have to see how many friends I have on facebook. I joined to keep in touch with my Australian friends but I'm about as lazy with it as I am blogging. But I still somehow have 78 friends. Wow.

I see you've also discovered one of my other faves -

Jenny H said...

You know sometimes you have to get friends anyway you can! hehehe I have to admit "My name is Jennifer and I'm addicted to FB"

Lisa said...

I am impressed with your dedication to facebook! I finally gave in recently as well!!! You are very entertaining,, I love all of your posts:-))

Munchkins said...

Ha-ha!! Glad we're FB friends... =)

Diann said...

You know I am right there with ya!

Jordan said...

Btw, those aren't 'facebook entries' they're 'status updates', and the fact that you changed your status three times within an hour is a little sad.
Just saying. I honesty box kids who do that! said...

I love this post! I do not know how I missed it. Brilliant.