Tuesday, February 03, 2009

On a lighter note

Last night, during all the hub bub of the exploding lift station and the excrement fountain, Jeff kept saying, "There's just got to be something stuck in the pipe."
For some unknown reason, Jordan and I immediately turned to each other, and at the same time, we both SAID:



Amy said...

Oh girl, I'm so sorry about your basement. Ours flooded last year while I was off getting Noah (Mike still teases that Noah brought the flood:)). Hang in there. I believe that God uses these "crappy times" to test us but also believe that He'll provide for those who have stepped out in faith to follow where He leads (to places like Africa!)

Rebecca said...

Oh wow. That sucks. Sewer water. Sucks sewer water! And, I'm sorry that Jeff hasn't been sleeping....that seems to make everything worse! Hang in there...it will pass!
I know what you mean about being hit with this recession. Got all our tax stuff ready for the acct. We took a HUGE hit. No wonder we don't have any money! And then, Shiloh (Beagle) needs surgery. Ugh!!!!!!!

misschris said...

Meow. hee.

We've had basement woes ever since we finished ours. Seems like last summer our carpet was pulled back half the time. It was awful. And then we had sewer venting issues and birds nests stuck in our furnace flough that shut down the heat. Nice.

Don't get me started on what plumbers charge, either. That sewer issue + a leaky valve he noticed by the hot water heater was a $750 day. Ouch.

Hang tight, girl. I will if you do.