Sunday, February 08, 2009

I'm a dork...

OK, I know I'm a dork. I'll admit it. I've been *ahem* working hard tonight... and just took a five minute break to peruse some blogs. I clicked on someone's adoption agency and saw a picture of Rhonda... and I was like, "wow I know her." Then I realized my kids pictures were on the header of the Hope Adoption Agency Website!
Check it out! They're famous! (Even though I didn't see our blog listed on there... or a story about us... what's that about Grace?) (JK... you know I don't like attention)


Julie said...

You must not have seen the messages I posted on the Hope board about submitting stories and blog addresses if you want them listed on the site. I would love to include yours. Just email me your stuff story and some pics and let me know and I'll link the blog!

You remember me asking you for pictures for the site right??? You emailed me the one of Jameson that's on there.

ellerbee eight said...

Yeah, I remember sending you the pictures. I'm just a dork. I missed the notice about sending in our story and blog. I can't keep up! The site looks absolutely wonderful! If anyone hasn't checked it out... you should! Julie you did a great job! And as I have stated... I'm a dork.