Monday, February 02, 2009

Our Television Colonic

Hey Ellerbee kids, bend over, you're about to get a colonic.
A television colonic that is.
You've been far too constipated with that toxic stuff for far too long.
And you are beginning your fast to rid your little minds of this poison.
No TV for one month!

The kids are driving me crazy. I know that's not a surprise to anyone who knows me... or my kids, but seriously the Disney Channel, Hannah Montana, Zach and Cody stuff has got to go. All of the kids seriously like TV, but Josh and Jameson are obsessed with TV. Before they got here, we were pretty strict about TV watching time and limits, however we backed off on it because... well I guess because we're:

1) lazy
2) afraid to rock an already rocky boat
3) thought it would help their English (OK that one's reaching even for me.)

But they turn it on whenever they feel the urge. They sneak it. Their whole entire life is planned and scheduled and manipulated around whether or not they will get to watch TV or not. They all sit blank faced, open mouthed with chromosomes seeping out as they sit absolutely mesmerized by the television.

Jameson didn't speak to me tonight because I told her I wouldn't let her watch a movie. Jaiden told me she was going to DIE *sigh* (insert drama here) if she couldn't watch TV tonight. I warned them. I told them it was going to happen. And they continued to beg, whine and pout over television. And when a mama is pushed too far, rash decisions are made.

NO TV for a month.
It will be board games, puzzles and books for entertainment only.
What a wonderful opportunity for family bonding and education.
And Josh won't feel the need to be nice to me only to earn television time. Perhaps he will do it just because he wants to.
I'll let you know how long it lasts.
And how crazy we all get.

Disclaimer: The no television act wil be enforced only for those people living in this house who are under the age of 18, who do no drive, pay bills or contribute to the family in some way. Adults wishing to watch old episodes of Lost or TiVo'd Idol or Grey's Anatomy will be allowed to do so after all the minor and major children are asleep in bed.


Laurel said...

Great job!

Now ... for the follow-through ...

Don't give up, no matter how much they whine.
Don't give up, even if Josh is not nice to you.
Don't give up !!!

This is a GOOD thing!

We turned off our t.v. 18 years ago, and have never regretted it. We allow very limited dvd watching. Our kids do puzzles, read books, and play LOTS of games. It's good for them.

Laurel :)

Nichole said...

Good for you! Now you should just teach them all to knit, and run your own little sweat shop out of the family room, lol