Thursday, February 12, 2009

My rant for the week...

How did this...

Turn into this?

Seriously Joaquin... you've ruined your life.
Shave the rodent off your face, take a shower, and get off the sauce.
I can't believe you put your gum under Letterman's desk... good lord.
Didn't you learn anything from Johnny Cash?

Here's my take on this situation: This woman is crazy. The doctor should have his medical license removed permanently. The people who are threatening to kill her via the internet should be locked up.
I would love to have had 14 children myself, but I KNEW I couldn't financially take care of them. And to think, she's living on student loan money. She must have got more than I did. I hope she's getting a good degree because those payments come around quickly. And to think that we, as tax payers, paid for her in vitro fertilizations... and I make that plural because evidently she's used disability money for more than one.
The woman is sick. I blame the doctor. The public should be outraged, but it should be directed at the system and not at the woman. We should be outraged at a system that allows people disability money that can be used like this. We should be outraged at the doctor who did this. We should be outraged that we will be supporting these 14 children for the next God knows how long. We should be outraged that the public is actually making physical threats against this woman. We should be outraged.

And my final thought.... WHO CARES?
Seriously people... get a grip and leave the kid alone. Look at those abs. I believe it must have been an alternative medicinal treatment for his ADHD, and I'm sticking to that theory.


Chris said...

OMG , I am with you on all three . That woman is an idiot. Can you believe she doesn't even have her own place, no job , no husband ( not that this is a big help lol )) Less laundry ok I wont go there. But 14 kids and the worst is 8 babies to come home . They can't even fit the 6 she already had in that house WTH. Ok thanks I had to vent . but poor kids and poor babies. I'll take a couple :)

Sandee said...

I think of the kids. Those 14 kids guiding light is this woman. Let's pray for them all.

They are family, as odd as it is. This is their family and God can and does work miracles.

Nichole said...

I agree, I agree and I agree. Although I think maybe Joaquin is sharing bong hits with Michael Phelps, lol!

Laurel said...

I am so there with you on the mom of 14.

Okay ... I have 13 children, so who am I to talk? Well ... I have a husband, who supports us, and who is a vital part of taking care of the children. She has no husband, but "had a lonely childhood". Hello?!!!
Children are NOT the antidote to a lonely childhood.

Yesterday, I read an article where she admitted to using food stamps to feed her other 6 children, before the babies were born. But, she said, "I don't consider that welfare." Again ... what??!!! What planet is she on? She doesn't know what "welfare" is.

Yes ... she spent $100,000 of "disability" payments, to pay for the infertility treatments. And, because of the multiple births (and children born way too early) she already has 2 children receiving "disability" payments to the tune of over $2500 per month. So, since these 8 were born at just 1 and 2 pounds, I'm sure they will also qualify for "disability" payments, which could mean that she will be receiving $12,500 per month for the rest of their childhood (with increases for inflation). She sure has found a way to play the system. The disability payments probably don't qualify as income, so she is still "low income", and will continue to receive food stamps and state insurance for the children. What a racket!

For anyone wondering what it might actually cost to take care of a family of that size ... we currently have 10 of us living at home and we are spending less than $4,000 per month for everything, mortgage, insurances, gas, utilities, car payments, food (this includes food for lots of big people), everything. So, she could really bank a LOT of money over the years, just on the disability, while using her student loans for babysitters (or maybe that new house that she was hoping someone would build for her now that she is "famous".)

Okay ... enough of my ranting ... YES the doctor should have his license taken away. One of my teens told me today that the doctor should lose his job, and move in with the lady to help raise all of the children.

There are some tax payers in CA that are saying, if the state has to pay for all these children, they should be placed up for adoption. Too sad! The medical expenses alone are expected to cost the state of CA 1.3 million dollars. Crazy!

Lisa said...

Great minds think alike!!! LOL I guess you hit all three hot topics and I couldn't agree more with you more!! Why the heck can't everyone have our opinion??

Rebecca Smith said...

All I can say is AMEN SISTER!

SisterMom said...

omg. Joaquin used to be my secret boyfriend.. now I am embarassed to have ever had to hots for him.
Phelps- honestly, why didn't he go into a bathroom??? I go to college parties- everyone takes pictures of everyone-- AND WE AREN'T FAMOUS!
I won't even get started on that lady...

Rebecca said...

Well, well, well Mama Ellerbee...I miss your posts for a few days and look at all that's happened! First....HALLELUJAH about the prayer at WM!! Made me cry!! Yahoo!!!
Second...I SO agree with you about these 3 topics! WTH is with Joaquin?!? You're right..lay off the sauce! That crazy-ass woman...and her even crazier-ass doctor!! Ugh! Dave and I, for a split second, considered in-vitro...until we heard the price! Nice to know that my tax dollars helped this woman with it tho! And, Michael Phelps...he's a kid...who cares!! So, he's smokin the wacky-tobacky...he's a kid! Not that I would have ever done such a thing in my youth! :)

Rebecca said...

Oh...and I forgot....give my girl a hug for me. Sorry about the swing incident and that she's sick! Poor baby!! I still have that extra bedroom....