Tuesday, July 01, 2008

PPV Bandit

Well I am sad to say the Pay Per View Bandit has struck again. I thought we had fixed that. We blocked all the channels and made it password sensitive. They could only watch what we approved when we put the code in. Evidently we have had some high def pay per view channels added to our already obnoxious and nauseating list. Last night, we found Josh watching the $50 WWF Smackdown thing, and I didn't know enough to know that was a "special" occasional "smackdown". Thinking it was just your usual "smackdown", I didn't think to look and see what channel is was actually on. Jeff immediately knew that this was not just your usual ordinary "smackdown," and sure enough it was an ALL DAY PAY PER VIEW event... AGAIN. Josh was watching it. Jack had been watching it with him, but wasn't at the time of the discovery. So both boys are grounded from TV for a week. And absolutely no more WWF "smackdown." They will have to work to pay it back. I'm about to have my own special occasion "smackdown," and it won't be pay per view... trust me.

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Jordan said...

At least it wasn't a porno this time.