Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Quote for the day...

Justine has a bad attitude. I know she looks sweet and innocent. But she's developed a bad habit of bossing me around and talking rudely to me. I have found myself constantly reminding her how to speak with respect. Today was one of those days.
While at the zoo today, she states, "Get me some water."
Mom "May I have some water please?"
Justine "I don't have it, you do... duh."
So I go on to gently explain that I was showing her how to ask for water appropriately.
Mom "Now, I'm sorry I spoke to you disrespectfully."
Justine "Ah, that's OK mom."
Mom "No, that's what you're supposed to say."
Justine "Geez, you make this so hard... OK, I'm sorry I spoke to you dis...dis...respeckledy."
Yes that's better.


Sandee said...

Too precious...and painful at the same time! :) It IS hard sometimes, isn't it?

Now I must go cook dinner, that three out of four will probably say they do not like.

Jenny H said...

Nice to know I'm not alone in the smart mouth child area. Thanks for being my buddy.

SusanI said...

So Cute. My little smart mouth told me to, "Listen To My Words" the other day. Then when I asked her how a mess was made in the kitchen she said, "It's a long story" then refused to every tell the story. Ughhh!