Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nothing to blog...

Well, this has been a relatively tame week here at Ellerbeeville. I think I've just been too tired to notice all the bloggable moments. The kids were gone to my SIL's house (sister in law for you non-textors) Friday afternoon through today, so Jeff got to have some free time. He played in a double header softball game on Friday night... (got hit in the stomach with a softball... left a mark... can't quit talking about it. Ha) Saturday night, Jeff and Jordan had a "date." They went to dinner and TWO movies. I have never even rated high enough for TWO movies! What a date night!

I worked all weekend... story of my life! I did get a second job... I know. I know. How on earth could I possibly fit that in? Well, I currently work part time, 24 hours in 2 12 hour shifts at night on the weekends as a charge nurse in a surgical intensive care unit. I got a PRN (that's "as needed" for you non-medical people, "per diem" for you Latin lovers, and "extra money" for people who are feeling the crunch of having 6 kids, $4/gallon gas and $4/gallon of milk) job as a house supervisor at the hospital where I work. I will just fill in as needed either 3-11pm, 5pm-1am or 11pm-7am. Attempting to get back a little cushion depleted by our adoption adventure, I have been working way too much! Going from 24 hours a week to working over 40 hours in a week just might kill me. The new job is a nice change though, and while I'm still on orientation, I think it will be kind of fun to be in charge of the whole house while the big wigs are away. I enjoy what I do now, but 12 hour shifts take a lot more out of you, not to mention all the lifting done in an ICU. If I work one of those evening shifts, I can still get up early and spend the day with the kids, so it's not like I miss out on that much. Once my orientation is complete, I will probably just work an extra shift every 6 weeks or so. Perhaps we can replenish our funds and adopt again...? I don't know... do they let you adopt when you're 65? Because that's probably how long it will take to replenish our funds....

The kids had a great time with my SIL. Thanks Jen. The kids seemed to really miss us while they were with my SIL. Josh came in and gave me 2 big hugs and a kiss unsolicited! Jameson was all over me, as usual. Jack wanted to be held - he's always been a mama's boy. Mae Mae cleaned her room - she's always helping and cleaning. Justine just cried because I think she was overly tired. (as usual) Mae Mae was cleaning her room and trying to make her take all her toys downstairs. You must understand that I'm not sure how Justine can even fit in her bed with all of her toys she keeps in there. So Justine comes to me crying... "They say nothing is important to me. What they don't know is that everything is important to me." Evidently Mae didn't believe her million "bed" toys to be "important" enough to take up all that space in their room, and she was trying to get her to take them downstairs. Sweet. It was a good lesson to teach about how each of us have things that are important to us, and one man's trash is another man's treasure.

And so here we are just chilling out at Ellerbeeville for awhile. I work tonight and tomorrow night... then we start packing for DC and NYC, then St Louis! Hopesters - I can't wait to see you soon!

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Jenny H said...

Thank you for letting me take them for the weekend. We enjoyed every minute! I told Derek, see we could handel more kids. Hahahahahahahah
I love them all and it was a blessing to get to spend quality time with them.