Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Team Ellerbee

The girls have been watching the Olympic trials over the past few weeks, and while gymnastics has topped their watching interest, they have also decided that they will all be divers as well. Their plan is to be double entered gold medalists in the 2016 Olympics in both gymnastics and diving. While I was teaching them to dive, they started insisting on calling me "coach," which was cute but kind of weird at the same time. Jameson is learning to go along with all the imaginative play found at this house, and is even participating in it a little. This is huge because she is so literal and has never played like that. They crack me up!
Gold Medalist Jaiden Gold Medalist Justine
Gold Medalist Jameson
And for your viewing pleasure, a little snippet of what awaits my little gold medalists as they practice their diving.

Warning: this will make you laugh and possibly make your belly hurt.


Rebecca said...

Awww....so much fun!! Can I come live at your house?

Jeanie said...

Do the girls realize they have to enter the water with no splash? More practice....more practice.

Linda said...

It would be hard to judge, they all had nice form. What Fun!!

Peculiar Smith Family said...

I'd give them all a TEN! Rebecca S.