Friday, July 18, 2008

First time at a buffet...

I can't stop laughing.
We went to a pizza buffet today. I guess it was the first time for Josh and Jameson to go to a buffet (or as we in the healthcare field call it... a barfet, but that's another story) We have over the past 5 months gone over appropriate restaurant behavior, etiquette, ordering, etc. I guess we never went over what to do when you go to a pizza buffet that also has dessert. Everyone was doing their own thing, which is the good thing about having kids over the age of 4. I came back to the table and found Josh with a plate HEAPING with dessert only. There was not one single piece of salad, pizza, anything that resembled a healthy lunch by any standards. And he was almost finished with it. When I asked him if he had eaten any pizza... he kind of coyly said, "What? I don't understand." I thought, "Oh great, we're back to that." "Did you eat any pizza of just dessert?" "Yes?" Another great aspect of having a large family is that every other child at the table blurted out "No. He didn't." Oh boy!

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Rebecca said...

Smart kid....hit the dessert first...I'm sitting by him in St Louis!!!