Friday, June 27, 2008

Date night, PMS explained and Opera

Jeff and I had a date tonight... our first in about 4 months! We went to this wonderful Italian restaurant and actually had adult conversation that did not involve telling anyone "NO", threatening to take anyone to the "bathroom," (ie: threatening corporal punishment), breaking up any fights about who was going to sit by who, or running for my life to get away from the spilled drink (which inevitably happens every meal with our children.)
Unfortunately for Jeff, I took this opportunity to explain to him the ins and outs of PMS and how horrible it is to feel like Holly Hunter in the movie Raising Arizona crying, "I love them SO much," one minute and Linda Blair from the Exorcist spitting green vomit the next. I am Jekyll and Hyde. Forgive me for my very random, rambling thoughts...
So where was I going with this? Oh yeah. They were playing the most wonderful opera at the restaurant where my husband had to endure my company (I mean where we went on our wonderful date night.) Opera is so soothing to me. I love it so much. It doesn't even matter what they're saying; I just love it. Insert random thought here: Listening to the opera at the restaurant made me think of something I really love ... therefore I'm going to share it with you now. I think the lesson here is: when I feel like throwing things and spitting green vomit while my head spins around, I should listen to opera because it makes me happy and soothes the beast. Aren't you glad I finally got around to the point of this post?
**Pause the music player at the bottom of this page. You will want to hear this! It always takes my breath away and makes me cry every time I watch it. Get your tissue handy.


Jeanie said...

I'm especially thankful the green vomit mentioned in your blog was not a link that went to a site with the green vomit. Opera good, green vomit bad.

The Wilkinsons said...

I love the story of Paul. I have seen it several times but I had to watch it again cuz it always makes me feel so good.
Thank you for not putting a video link of the Exorcist. Blahhhh!