Monday, July 21, 2008

Oh, happy Josh, where are you?

I thought we were over this. Here I have been bragging about how wonderful we are doing. Giving advice even. Ah, the teacher gets another opportunity to be taught. I'm not claiming to be the Yoda of the Older Adopted Children's World, but I thought I had a handle on it. I thought we were over the silent treatment, the pouting, the shoulder shrugging. But, alas, it raises it's ugly head again. More importantly, I thought I was over being pissed about it. I thought I was over being hurt by it. Josh has pouted ALL day today and has not spoke one word to any of us. He sat 6 feet away from us at gymnastics with his arms crossed for 2 hours. He hid in his room as soon as we got home. Oh, happy Josh, where are you? I guess it's important for me to realize that everyone can have an off day. Everyone gets moody once in awhile. Shimellis told us that Josh used to withdraw and pull away before. In Ethiopia, when things got to be too much, he would just shut down and go into his own little world. It's not me. It's not me. It's not me. Sometimes we take so much credit for our children's happiness, that we also end up with the credit for unhappiness. Sometimes it's just a bad day. And it's not about me.


Rebecca said...

He'll be back....males are just weird sometimes. :)

SisterMom said...

You have to remember when Jordan was that age she had those days to. I try to remember how horrible of a pre-teen I was when Anteneh is throwing his fits, because a lot of their issues have to do with the adoption related stuff, but sometimes, they just have to act like brats because they are kids!
Anteneh and I got into a fight at 10 last night, it lasted until about 3 when he finally had to go to mom's room. He finally resumed talking to me at 3 today.