Monday, May 19, 2008

Why is everybody always lookin' at us?

It seems as though everyone is always staring at me.
Everywhere I go... I catch people staring, looking away when I catch their eye... Today I found myself asking these questions:
Why is everybody always lookin' at us?
Is it because I 'm surrounded by a gaggle of kids all the time?
Is it because they are climbing all over me, all the time?
Is it because I occasionally smell their little stinky feet?
Is it because Jack occasionally pinches my behind and winks at me?
Is it because I'm wearing yesterdays hair and no make-up?
Is is because I'm wearing my husband's dirty Nike Sun visor to cover up yesterdays hair?
It is because I'm sporting the latest fashions; such as my $7 Coke T shirt from Wal-Mart?
Is it because they think I'm a good mom?
A bad mom?
Is is because Jameson and I are loudly working on vowel sounds th and l; all the while spitting on everyone around us?
Is it because half of us are brown?
Is it because half of us are not?
Is is because I'm forcing my children to sit and read books instead of jump around like a bunch of wild animals?
Is it because my son and I just had a long discussion about whether it would be right to clone the wooly mammoth?
Is it because I'm always counting my children... 1,2,3,4,5
Do they admire me?
Do they feel sorry for me?
Does someone want to nominate me for a make over?
These are all questions that I asked myself while sitting watching the girls at gymnastics today.
I figured out why everyone was always lookin' at us when I saw this under the bleachers. Suddenly it became painfully obvious why everyone was looking at us........
at least today.


Jenny H said...

I look at you in awe. To my knowledge the last time I saw you there were no bald spots on your head from the pulling of hair. THe kids didn't smell except for that wonderful boy smell and they a least appered to have on somewhat clean clothes and no dry snot on thier faces. I see a very accomplished woman. I only have 2 kids and some days I can't even accoplish this. I think you area wonderful mom and they are jealous of you well rounded with a piont every now and then family.

Gina said...

Well thanks, but you didn't see the bald spots because it's now two yesterdays hair superimposed with a hat... the kids clothes are clean, but they have no shoes on... their faces are clean because they wiped their noses on me...