Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Medical Warning...

Just thought I would warn those of you who might be tempted to get your blood drawn and tested to see if you were immunized against Tetanus and Diptheria.....


It cost us $320.35 X 2 kids for a grand total of .................(drum roll)


to find out that yes, we were correct all along... they had not been immunized.

Of course this is out of pocket, but goes towards our enormous deductible.
Thank God I'm in health care and work for the place that provides our insurance... at a cost, of course.


Julie said...

So we should just pay the co-pay and give them the shot I guess :-) Did you do titers for the other stuff like Hep A & B?

GG said...

Yes definitely... just pay for the shots and get it over with. It delayed our starting their immunizations for 2 weeks (which isn't a big deal...) and then it didn't get us anywhere. We didn't even bother to do the other titers, because we thought if they hadn't had what we considered basic shots, they probably hadn't had any of the extras - like chicken pox etc. Our local health dept has been wonderful. We have not paid a red cent for any of their shots and have been able to make appointments every time. They are really good at letting us know exactly when we need to come back etc. We are really lucky that we did the Flexible spending account through my work for just such an occasion as this... $640!