Friday, May 30, 2008

Goodbye Public Schools

Well today was the last day of school and here's how it went.

I went and bought gifts for the kids' teachers because that's what we do for our private school teachers, and Jameson was asking what we were going to get for her teacher.
We went inside the building of mediocrity and waited for the kids to come out with their teachers.

When Josh saw us, he sauntered over and we told him to give his teacher the gift. She started to come over, and I immediately thought, "Oh, she's going to say thank you and blah blah blah."
She walked over and said, "You need to pay for all the library books Josh lost this semester."

I already knew about the library books because the school had already called me, but I felt I just had to get more information.
When I asked Josh about it earlier in the week, he answered, "What? I don't understand."

So I asked Josh's teacher whether Josh ever fully understood what to do with the library books and where to turn them in.
"How am I supposed to know that?"
"How do I know they're not in your classroom somewhere?"
"Well, we do have an EXTENSIVE reading library. If we find them over the summer, we'll return your money."


So as I pulled away, I said, "Goodbye Public school!" I hope it's forever!

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SisterMom said...

Your experiences are not giving me much hope!