Friday, May 16, 2008

Communication Error

I just had to post this after my ranting and raving of this week about public school and ESL program. Josh came home today with an "important message" from his teacher and I quote:

We still have not received a baby picture of your child for 5th grade graduation. If we do not receive, they will not be in the slideshow.

a) I do not have a baby picture of my son.
2) We have gone over this again and again, "He's not going to Junior High next year."

And on an even funnier note:
Jameson came home with a huge packet of papers today for us to work at home... the topic: Learning Spanish! Call me crazy, but I thought we were attempting to teach her English! How confusing is that?


Sandee said...

lol tp keep from crying! Funny, my daughter, from China, is graduating from preschool. They want a picture of her in her highchair as a baby, with food all over her face. I adopted her when she is three. No can do!

on the esl front, I am just now starting to look into that for my Ethopian daughter soon to be coming home. gulp!

And we are bringing a spanish.english speaking au pair into our home from Colombia. Will we be confused or what?

Jim & Laurel said...

Here are a few suggestions ...

Josh could color a "baby picture of himself" to turn in, and say that he doesn't quite remember what exactly he looked like back then.

Josh could turn in a baby picture of one of your other kids and say, "Mom can't remember which of us is in each baby picture."

Jameson should offer to teach the class _____ (whatever language it is that she speaks ... sorry!).

:) :) :)

Jim & Laurel said...
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Mindy said...

Ahhhhh yes! The joy of others and their ideas about what we adoptees know about your infancy!
I was especially appreciative when doing a 'family history' project in jr. high and the teacher asking, "Can you REALLY do a report about your family? You don't even KNOW them." about reporting on those kindly folks whom I've been living with and calling 'mom' and 'dad' for the past 13 years?