Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Joys of Parenthood

My children occasionally get scared...lonely...sick...bored... and sneak into our bed at night. They usually crawl across the floor to ensure that Jeff can't see them. Then they lay behind me, once again, so Jeff can't see them.

Last night around the 3 am hour, we were SOUND asleep. After working 3 nights in a row and working in the yard yesterday, we had definitely entered REM and were headed towards the "barely breathing" stage of sleep.

Suddenly, I heard the horrible, all too familiar sound of wretching... then a warm sensation all over my back and into my hair... then the horrible smell!

It was so loud and startled us so much, Jeff jumped so far off the bed, he FELL off the bed and ended up on the floor.

In the dark, all you could hear was my voice, "Someone just threw up on me."

Afraid to move, I laid in the vomit, listening to whoever it was behind me wretch some more.

It ended up being Mae Mae who barely even woke up for the entire incident.

There is nothing like a 3 am shower for yourself and child, changing of all the sheets and doing a load of laundry to interupt your REM cycle.

AH... the joys of parenthood!


Jenny H said...

I fear that sound in the night actually I fear that sound at any time. As a mom I have done things with puke I never imagined. I have even willingly put out my hands to catch it. Oh how I love being a mommy. Hope Mae Mae is feeling better, and none of the others catch it.

Monica said...


(Hope everyone else doesn't take their turn at that bug!)

(guess incidents like that one don't make your husband any more willing to have kids in bed with you guys, does it?)

Julia & Brad said...

OMG. When I hear stories like this I think that one kid is all I can handle.