Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Wanted: House Elf

Needed immediately:

A friendly house elf who gladly cooks, cleans, does laundry, plays with the children, and can occasionally apparate a child to soccer, swimming, school, baseball or gymnastics.
Must be a self-starter, good under pressure, independent worker.
No pay or clothing, but room, board, and occasional vacation provided.
Inquire "in person" at our home in Springfield, Missouri U.S.A.
I need HELP with this:



Help me, I've fallen under a load of laundry and I can't get up! I would even take Kreature at this point!


Linda said...

Just let us know what we can do and we would be glad to help! Hope Josh is okay?

Jenny H said...

I say you take mom up and let her clean while you all go do something. Sounds good to me. Love you all. I'm glad Josh is ok.

gellerbee said...

We are climbing out from under the pile. Going to St Louis on Sunday and being in "Delay Care" for 4 hours on Monday really cut into my cleaning/laundry time. Hopefully I will have things back to normal today...

gellerbee said...

BTW - Thank you for the offers to help. Obviously I had time to take pictures of my dishes and laundry and blog about it... it couldn't have been too bad! ha

Mindy & Ben said...

I will be your house elf if you can explain how it is that our home has the exact same set of problems...but has no children living in it. Perhaps that is the problem? Or, more likely with my luck, I actually DO have a house elf that is just slightly bitter.
"Bitter, party of one! Bitter!"