Monday, April 14, 2008

Just what I needed...

My 5 year old Whirlpool Gold dishwasher has stopped draining the water out after washing. Isn't this just what a family of 8 needs? I can barely get the dishes done with the assistance of my dishwasher.

What did we do before the time of dishwashers? I say we, but I actually never lived in the time of handwashing dishes - did the dinosaurs lick the plates clean first?

We called one repair place, and their advice was, "Here's what I would do... Lowe's has those on sale right now. I'd go get a new one." Well thank you Mr. Appliance Repairman. I bet you do a lot of business with that line. So we have someone else coming out today to look at the thing.

On a good note, we are getting a new freezer for the garage. It's a stand up freezer large enough to store food for all of these children. Our freezer now is a big box. You practically have to climb in to reach what's on the bottom, and there's no way to organize it other than throw everything on top of everything else. Not to mention the really heavy door that falls on your head when you get anything out. I'm always afraid it's going to fall on me, trapping me inside and turning me into a mom popsickle. So in a way, getting a new freezer is actually saving my life.

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