Saturday, April 12, 2008

Utterly ridiculous weather...

Editor's Note: Yes that is my husband's head cut off in the picture. My hands were frozen at this point, I was half asleep, and I needed to pee. Sorry Jeff.

Today was an utterly ridiculous day. Here is it the middle of April, and it is snowing!
Jeff and the kids picked me up after work this morning, and we all went to the YMCA bundled up as if it were January.

Jack, Jameson, Jaiden and I were all sitting in the car trying to stay warm while Justine and Jeff got their soccer team pics taken. I hate working the night before soccer, but since I only work weekends and soccer is on a weekend... I am lacking a solution to that dilemma. But once again, I digress.

We are all sitting in the car trying to stay warm, as I previously stated. The heater in the car was on. It was so warm and comfy. I couldn't help but lean against the freezing cold window, find my comfortable spot on the cold leather seats and enjoy the non-reclining 90 degree position of the seat. My eyes couldn't/wouldn't stay open any longer. I kept falling asleep and drooling on myself. Quite a sight, I'm sure. Thank goodness my husband's not into blogging, or I'm sure that would have been a post immediately.

I found myself in such a predicament. I had drank so much coffee at work to stay awake and at again at the game for warmth; I was doing the pee pee dance. There was no way I was going to shed all my layers of clothes in the port-a-potty. It was miserable, but I will spare you from the details. Luckily, the kids are in preschool and didn't realize that the coaches and refs were cutting their time on the field in half. Thank you coaches and refs.
We were all freezing to death. Justine kept running over to the sidelines each time with a different ailment, "I can't feel my toes." "I can't feel my fingers." "My ears are going to fall off." It went on and on. Kids today... they complain about everything.

Yes, this is a windshield full of ice pellets and snow. This is utterly ridiculous. When is this weather thing going to stop? I'm freezing to death!

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