Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Ellerbee Boys kick Butt at Soccer Game

This could be a headline in the Springfield Newsleader. Well I doubt they print profanity, but if they did, it would definitely be a headline. (Is butt a profane word? I mean I know it is at our house, but what about the publishing world? I digress.)

Our first soccer game was Saturday. We won 10 to 0 (zero, zip, nadda, nanno, nothing).
Josh scored 2 of those goals and Jack did an awesome job defending the goal.
From what I have heard, it is every Ethiopian boy's dream to get to play soccer in a real uniform, with a real team, on a real field. Ours did it and kicked butt.
We were so proud. Jack was so excited for Josh. It was absolutely awesome. My friend Julie had a hard time not crying through the whole thing. And we get to experience this every weekend for a really long time!


Jenny H said...

You go Ellerbee boys !!! Ellerbee boys rock !!!! I hope we can make a game on saturday. Love you all, the hendricksons

Mindy & Ben said...

Ellerbee boys DO rock! And...butt is not considered a profanity in our home. We are actually considering a weekend workshop on the finer points of the successful use profanities. Indeed, Ben has successfully frightened all four wheeler riding teens off of our property forever and I was held accountable when my oldest nephew was kicked out of kindergarten for what I considered to be a quite successful use of profanities.