Thursday, April 17, 2008

Don't turn me in to DFS please

Every week, Justine begs me to help her make something with her Easy Bake Oven. I always find a way to get out of it... The main reason I don't like the Easy Bake Oven (otherwise known as EBO) is because the food packages used to make the food are gross. So I had a great idea that we would make real Betty Crocker chocolate cake mix and put it in the EBO. Evidently, Betty Crocker cake mix rises a little more than the EBO mixes. The chocolate cake mix overflowed the EBO and was running out the sides... along with a horrible smell, a little smoke and a hysterical 5 year old. It seriously made me wonder:
Has anyone ever burned down their house with their EBO?

As if that wasn't enough for the week, I found that one of our children is training as a pyrotechnician. Let's just say it's a boy and he's 9 years old. I bought several candles this week because frankly our house (the bathrooms) smell like... well poop. I lit the candles and we went about our business. I smelled something burning and went to investigate.
I found this:

...a trashcan full of burning toilet paper. The bag had completely melted to the sides of the trashcan and it was on fire! It takes a little to get me excited, but let's just say I was screaming.... "Who did this?" And of course I had several little people saying, "It wasn't me."
Finally the guilty one stepped forward and admitted that he had been lighting toilet paper on fire. It got out of hand and he freaked out. He said and I quote, "It started burning and I didn't know what to do so I threw it in the trashcan and poured water on it." (I don't know what he thought was going to happen when he lit the paper with the candle lighter...)
He was hysterical and crying, "Don't tell Dad. Don't tell Dad. PLEASE DON'T TELL DAD."
Poor kid. When I calmed down and started taking pictures, he started crying again and said, "You're going to blog this aren't you? Dad will know for sure."
In all honesty, we were so lucky because the trashcan was right next to the shower curtain. Our whole house could have burned down! Thank God for His blessing over all of us; once again. Luckily he was very convicted about what he had done, and we're hoping this is the last of his pyrotechniques.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I about split my side LAUGHING over this post! I was already cracked up just reading about your son setting toilet paper on fire (thinking, "Well, now I don't feel so badly about MY son dismantling all the rock walls around my flowerbeds tonight!"...but, then when I read about his horror at seeing you bring out your camera and beginning to take pictures of the aftermath and his tearful realization, "You are going to blog about this, aren't you?"...well, at that point I had such spasms of laughter that I nearly died of hypoxia on the spot! My children could SO IDENTIFY with the cross your dear children are made to bear! (particularly my eldest!)

Blog on, Girlfriend...Blog on!!! (-: