Friday, February 12, 2010

IM Update Week 4

Jameson just finished week 4 of IM therapy, but because of scheduling conflicts on her tutor's part and illness on our part and snow on all of our parts, it's actually about the end of week 3.

She seems to be doing so much better at math specifically. She just began 3rd grade math this week and is not struggling at all. She took a test today and should have made an A but just made several mistakes like added when she should have subtracted or put her commas in the wrong place. Mistakes that show she just hurried through and didn't pay attention. A huge problem for her.

So school is better.

But home life is so not better.

She has been grounded all week for compulsive lying, not sleeping, wandering around the house at night, throwing her lunch in the trash and saying she ate it because she didn't like it, back talking, fighting with her sisters. And a lot of our stuff has come up missing this week. She swears she didn't take it, but I'm sad to say I don't always believe her.

I am so hoping that this is just part of the IM therapy stimulating part of her brain that holds all that trauma from her early days.

Because I only thought I was frustrated before.

I know it seems like I'm quitting or giving up or whatever, but I'm resigned to the fact that she will be going to public school next year. I want her to finish out her therapy, which is in the middle of the day and that wouldn't work with public school, and she's getting tested in April to check grade level. Until then, I will keep on keeping on and attempt to shove as much information into her expanding mind as I can, and I will begin to make plans for next year.



Larsons said...

God Bless. Stay strong She needs to respect boundaries. love mom

Denise said...

Hang in there. I was so sure school was going to make it so much worse with Bis... but in the end I have so much more patience with him cause the two are seperate... I can handle/deal with the stuff at home cause I am not having to handle it "all". Hoping it helps for you too...

Laurel said...

You are not quitting ... your are not giving up ... you are not doing "whatever" ... you are doing the very best that you know how to do ... for your daughter and for your family. No guilt needed.

I have homeschooled my 13 children for the past 20 years. However ... we take each child and each year at a time and do what is best for that child, that year. We have had our kids in and out of the public school system quite a few times. Different kids ... different school ... different years.

What is best next year, may not be best the following year. Seek the Lord ... and He will give you the wisdom that you need to do what is BEST for your family.


mama of 13