Thursday, February 04, 2010

the ... *gulp* ... "CASTRATION"

I used to love my dog. I loved that dog as much as my kids... well not quite, but you get the point. Somewhere along the road, he got unmanageable. It was my own fault. He got bigger and bigger. He hit puberty and started "marking" his territory on everything, everytime he came inside. I got pissed off at him and just put him outside. I gave up on him. His destructiveness hit an all time low. He chews. He jumps the fence. He bounces on the back door like he's on a pogo stick. He is a bad dog. Correction: Was a bad dog.

I want my dog back. I want back my vision of having that dog that lays in front of the fire lazily. The dog who sits at your feet and walks calmly beside you. Cause right now... I have that dog who jumps in the fire, knocks my furniture over, and drags us through the neighborhood when we try to walk him.

And so... I made him an appointment to get *neutered*.

I tried to explain what this meant to the kids... Jack, who is my animal planet addictee, explained EXACTLY what they do when they neuter a dog. Details people ... details!

GROSS. I thought Jaiden was going to throw up. We all agreed to just call it getting "fixed" because I really hope it's going to "fix" a lot of our problems with him.

So when I called to make the appointment, the receptionist says, in a very hickish kind of drawl, "So, it's just the CASTRATION that ya'll need... and nothing else?"

Oh good grief. I can't get away from it.

So I got him groomed before his "castration."


As you can see, he's a spirited one...

We took before and after pictures.


Doesn't he look so happy?
*take note: this was the day before the castration

We had a meet and greet with the new puppy...

I know... I have no comments on this photo.

Post-castration... not feeling so great.

After I picked him up from the "castration," he looked so pathetic. Justine was crying, "How will I ever repay him? I'm so selfish. His pain goes on me..."

After he heals, we will enroll him in obedience training, or as Justine calls it, "Animal Behavior College" where I'm sure he will graduate at the top of his class.

I think I'm in love again.


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