Thursday, February 18, 2010

PERIOD.... (.)

Are you there God, it's me Margaret...

Oh Lord! Remember that? Well there's a whole lot of that going on around here. We've had several period talks around here the last several months. Too many. And did I say it? Yep. I did. "You're becoming a woman." Seriously? Wrong.

And just so you know African-American girls begin puberty much earlier than other girls. Nice. Like she doesn't have enough going on. GEEZ.

I have way too many pre-adolescents around here. If we're not talking periods, we're discussing the importance of deodorant or debating if ProActiv is the best acne treatment.

I taught someone how to shave the inch long hair on their armpits this week by demonstrating down, down, downward strokes, never sideways, never up and down. Down Down Down. Soap and water. Shaving cream if you must.

I've had friends calling saying, "Did *J* start her period? She told everyone at soccer that she did..."

And my reply? "No. They said your daughter had..."

"Well, that's news to me..."

Really? Ladies, it's not that great. I promise.

I don't enjoy this. I don't like it one bit. I think my own experience was so awkward, humiliating and uncomfortable. I opened a box of maxi pads at my 10th birthday party, wrapped like a gift, in front of mixed company. I think my view of this whole experience is tainted. Of course, I have no qualms with telling you that story now, on the internet, so clearly I've gotten over it.

I guess I'm as ready as they are... just so I can stop talking about it. Oh right? I still get to do this again with Justine in a year or two ... CRAP.

I'm a better mom to boys, I promise. Their discussions have been quite simple and to the point. I will keep that bit of advice to myself, but I think you can imagine what it was.



Shonya said...

OK, so I want the boy talk!! LOL You may think I'm kidding, but actually I'm not. The girl thing has been easier for me. . .

Here's a tip: Gentle Passages: Guiding your Daughter into Womanhood by Robin Jones Gunn. Go get it today! Very short easy little read. It completely changed my outlook on this whole deal and made things so smooth with my daughter (who is turning 14 in a week and started her cycle 3 1/2 years ago--and she's CC, so I dunno if AA experiences are earlier overall, or just varies from individual to individual???)

♥~Gina~♥ said...

The boy talk is simple: You do that too much, you'll go blind.

I have 1 child down, 2 more to go. It's not fun.

SisterMom said...

I still think we should have let one young man shave his legs!!!!

Larsons said...

sorry for tramatizing you on your birthday. I flunked parenthood. Life will never be dull or boring for you. You are a wonderful mother and will pass with flying colors. Parenthood can be like a roller coaster ride, a big celebration,full of all surprise but very much worth it. mom