Saturday, February 06, 2010

Cue the ominous music...


I may or may not have just realized that my 20th high school reunion is this summer.

This realization may or may not have just set off a panic in me not seen in ages.


(that's supposed to be the ominous music)

The last reunion I went to was year # 10 ... I was 28, mother of 3. Everyone at 10 years post high school is still trying to prove that they are the happiest, the most successful, and overall better than everyone else. And certainly more successful than anyone would have assumed they would be... in high school.

In fact, I regret to say I ended up skipping the 2nd event and only went to the picnic with my best friend Lisa. This was pre-facebook era, and I hadn't kept in contact with anyone else. She is and was the only high school friend (actually junior high friend) that I still talk to after all these years. We had had enough by the end of the picnic on the first day. The jocks were still the jocks. The cheerleaders were still perky. The dorks were still dorks. And the groups remained non-integrated groups.

At the picnic, I hate to admit that I made my then 9 year old daughter lie and say she was 8. Pathetic. I know. I also actually loaned out one of my babies to Lisa so she wouldn't look like the only loser without a kid. It was a pathetic display of high school reunionitis.. Lisa... if you're still a reader... you do remember borrowing my 1 year old right? You still owe me for that. Or maybe I owe you?

When I started thinking about this reunion, I wondered if 20 years would be different. I keep seeing images of Lisa and I dancing like Romy and Michelle... I wonder if there's time to get a dance routine in order...? I somehow doubt it.

I must admit that the first thing I thought was I need to:

  • get in shape
  • get a tan
  • go shopping
  • get contacts
  • become more successful
  • write a novel
  • win the lottery and be delivered to the reunion via helicopter...

But in reality, we all know that's not going to happen.

But, I guess I'll go anyway... even if I don't have a helicopter. Boo.

I'll see if 20 years is any different than 10.

I have a feeling it will be. If nothing else, I'll wear my University of Chicago Parents Weekend shirt proudly. And brag about my college age kid! And the other 5 little bees.

I plan on finding that girl who told everyone that I was pregnant the last semester of high school and who in general attempted to ruin my life, and I'm gonna tell her how great my life has turned out. And that I wouldn't change one single thing. It wasn't a choice I would make for myself or for my daughters, but it has been a wild 20 years. It happened, and it was hard... And it also made me who I am today. It has given me compassion for single moms. It has given me strength. It has given me vision.

And if I see her... I swear I'm gonna tell her just that.


The only thing that would make that showdown better would be if Jordan's dad and his wonderful wife were there, and we showed what great friends we have remained over the years. We could show them how we co-parented the most awesome kid in the world without all the petty fighting and silliness. And how she goes to one of the top 10 universities in the nation. I can see it now. It will be awesome. (*hint hint... Adell, you should probably make this happen... We can all go in our UChicago wear)

I'm not the same person I was then. I'm stronger. I'm smarter. I'm older. But I still feel like that 18 year old kid who had the world at her fingertips. I still feel like I can change the world. And I want that to show. I want to share my story.

And hey Lisa, let me know if you need to borrow anything or anyone for the reunion. I've got more than enough this time.



Shonya said...

Ugh! I have one more year. . .it doesn't seem possible! Guess I should start losing these 50 extra pounds right now. . .

I also went to my 10 year, but not the 15, and was disappointed that the people I *really* wanted to see weren't there! Wonder if I'll go next year. . . How 'bout you let me know how yours goes, then I'll decide! :)

Larsons said...

It does not matter what they think. Think bigger Thy will be done! How did our Lord think standing before Pilate! Or How did Mary think at the foot of the cross. How did Peter feel? being human is challenging and as for me you have successed far ahead of most peoples goals. You are a winner! and Blest! Life is never dull or boring. mom I hope bryan and odell can be there with you.I missed my 40th reunion and I'm glad ! Your dad and I attended His. I enjoyed the drive. Ha!

Laurel said...

Oh my ... my 30th is this year. Don't know if I'll go. Can I lose 100# in the next 6 months?

At my 10 year reunion ... I was 8 months pregnant with baby #6. Yea ... I was in a little different place in life than most of my old friends.

Now ... I'm a "mom of 13". I'll probably get the prize for "most kids" again, don't you think? But ... I'm still in a very different place than most of my old friends. Don't think there will be many people at the 30th that still have a house full of little ones.

mama of 13